About Me

I’m Jen, a designer living in the North West of England.

I’ve been thinking about writing a food diary for a while now, but with running a busy design studio, keeping fit and being diagnosed with Graves disease (not a very pleasant name!), I guess life had gotten in the way.

After finding out about my illness (an autoimmune disorder that affects thyroid function & metabolism), I’ve begun to realise how important fresh, natural foods are to a healthy lifestyle. That’s when ‘Jennifer Makes’ seemed to fall into place.

At first, the idea of ‘eating well’ sounded quite vague but I’ve discovered it actually just means eating wisely, something we can all do pretty easily when we know how.

Swapping out processed ‘junk’ food for naturally tasty ingredients, means that you can choose exactly what you’re feeding your body and know that it’s thanking you for it.

I love discovering new recipes, and learning how easy it is to make lots of nourishing meals all from a few simple ingredients. Jennifer Makes is a place for me to share my thoughts and recipes with you, and I hope you enjoy!

Jen x